What is STEM Champ

STEM Champ is an international Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education improvement body that provides highly effective professional development, hands-on curriculum materials and consulting services, thus impacting a student's life from preschool through career. All of its programs are result oriented, research and inquiry based and align with National and International Standards.

We ingeniously develop customised STEM curriculum using real life situations and problem solving to increase the impact of learning and customised STEM products for schools, preschools and educators. XXX COMPANY holds the exclusive Bangalore city rights to execute STEM Lab across the schools and preschools. Our aim is to create bespoke offerings in the ‘education’ and ‘edutainment’ space by equipping educators with effective tools & strategies to create innovative and relevant learning environments so students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live and contribute in a global community.

STEM Offerings in Bangalore

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Inspire problem solving through critical thinking, invention, innovation, design and engineering. STEM Lab incorporates technology, architecture and easy coding. Activities are driven by the Big Idea, challenge projects, prototypes, testing and reinvention.


Students will be inspired to be the creators not just the consumers of technology, bringing their vision to life. Let’s be hands on innovators to design, prototype and create. All elements in the Lab are used including STEM, robotics, microcomputers, electronics and many more.


STEM Box is a portable escape game with integrated puzzles inside. It can be delivered and played anywhere: corporate event, birthday party or any other occasion. Despite the small size and weight it brings a full scope of emotions as regular escape room does. Players have to solve puzzles, find clues, act as a team and finally beat the clock.

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