GRADE 7-12

Helps students to develop problem-solving skills, to think critically, and to succeed in school as curious learners

The sessions are engaging and easy to lead. They excite children about STEM, build knowledge and inquiry abilities, and help children learn important cooperation and teamwork skills

Drawing from the collaboration exhibited by real-world scientists, the STEM Champ program includes activities that emphasize teamwork and community and help build positive relationships as students work together




AGES 12 TO 17





What's Included

Teacher Guide

Equipment Kits

Material Kits

Student Workbook

Sample Equipments

Academic Enrichment Framework

Demonstrate Independence

Build Strong Content Knowledge

Respond to varying demands of Kids

Understand other perspectives & Culture

" Maybe the most bold, daring, ambitious and influential STEM program that I know of and I wish there were learning places like this when I was a kid. They are awesome. "

Sushma, Bangalore Franchisee

8,640 hours of development tested by 50+ educators/schools in real classroom across the globe

STEM Adventure

STEM Champ creates a generation of problem solvers. We inspire innovation in today’s classroom as children discover their inner creativity and become lifelong STEM learners. STEM Adventure is an excellent inquiry-based STEM curriculum that teaches students thinking and reasoning skills needed for success. Built around the STEM design process, teaches kids how to solve problems systematically. creating skills, optimism, and attitudes important for their futures. Life is not multiple choice.

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